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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Beauty Haul

Hi I know I havent updated for a while I have been pretty busy with work and moving house, and also because I have moved I didnt really have much money to go shopping =[ so I thought I will just wait and show you some nice stuff I have got instead. I will be doing another post soon on some samples I was sent a while back, I have used all of them now so I will just do a couple of posts on them.
Anyway I went a bit mad on getting my 'essentials' I ended up getting more than I really needed, but we all need to splurge sometimes!

First up I got some more Liz Earle Hot cloth cleanser, toner and moisturiser as mine ran out last month and honestly my skin has not been the same since using other products, I really think its the best! At the moment if you buy these together on the website you get free delivery and also the botanical shine shampoo and conditioner free too! Altogether this costs £41.00  Here is the link -

So I am waiting for these to come in the post, I will let you know soon what the shampoo and conditioner are like as I havent tried these before.

I also needed some more YSL touche eclat which I have been using every single day with my make up for the last year and again it has been hard not having it as I get really bad black circles sometimes and just general marks which this really does help. It does not work as a concealer which many people assume, it is a highlighter, but what it does, for me anyway, is it reflects light away from the darkened areas so instead of looking dark its shining light there and so I suppose works as a mirage.
Touche Eclat retails for around £25.00 depending on where you go, this was £22.50 from House of Fraser.
I got the 20th anniversary edition, the only difference is the casing has a tiger pattern type gold printing all over it and it only comes in shade 1, thats the one I use anyway because I have fair skin.

Next I needed some eye and foundation primer. I had a few sample sizes of the urban decay primer in different shadow boxes I have bought and these lasted a little while but now all gone so I thought I need to get the full size one. I have only tried stay dont stray by Benefit before (other than the UD one) and I really dont like it, have just been using it lately as I had no choice. Its so sticky and thick and you always get too much come out of the pump than you need. I am glad I now have the UD one, once more. I find that the consistency works best with shadow, its thin and smooth on the eye and brings the pigment out of the colour more. It also holds my eyeliner in place most of the day. This cost £13.05 from House of Fraser.
And the foundation primer I usually use that had also run out is the Mac prep+prime face, but this time I opted for the Laura Mercier foundation primer just to see if there is much difference between primers. I havent tried it yet as it arrived this morning but I will let you know. I went for this one as I have the Laura Mercier setting powder and I really love it so I am assuming that this should be a good 'un. This was £25.20 from House of Fraser.
In my last glossybox that was really, pretty rubbish tbh, I had 3 miniture samples of agent provocateur perfumes and I really loved the Maitresse one and used it all up so I got the 50ml EAU de parfum as its such a lovely scent and I know I will wear it all the time, its gorgeous.
£44.10 from House of Fraser.

I also had a free gift with it which was a random pair of black frilly knickers - one size fits all. The bag was nice that they came in too! The knickers look like the ones on the bag just in black.
I had another free gift with my purchases from House of Fraser which was this Biba lip pallette, I have tried two today and they are nice I would say they would be good glosses to put over other lipsticks. The packaging is really nice with the Biba logo on the front. This retails for £24.00.

 And finally I have 2 Mac Lipsticks in shades I have wanted for ages, I already have a few MAC lipsticks and I just love the smell of them and the colour always lasts.
The first one I got was Creme Cup - I already have a few neutral shades and this was just the one that everyone goes on about so thought I would try it and see what the difference is between this and the others I have. And the second lipstick I got was Russian Red, I actually really love my Barry M red lipstick but I wanted a more blue toned red and this seems to be the perfect red to me.
Mac lipsticks were £14.00 each.

I might do a lipstick collection post soon as I dont really have a lot but I think I have a nice little core collection and not having loads means it wont take too long to talk about each one.
I have a few other bits and bobs coming so I will update when they arrive.

Thanks for reading =]  xoxoxox