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Thursday, 14 June 2012

ASOS wishlist June 2012

I have found some really cute items this month that I hope to purchase (payday is coming up!)

Here are some of the super cute products they have at the moment (there seems to be quite alot of animal themed items right now)

I absolutly love these watches, I have been looking for one that I really like for a while and I think I may have to get one of these ones! 

I reall like the colour on this bag, I think it would look lovely with nice blue colours like the top above and these cornflower blue jeans! You could only get away with these jeans in the summer I think, they look really soft too!

I think this dress would look lovely at a festival (thinking Sienna Miller), with some wellies and raybans, also it would be great to wear for parties in the summer or BBQ's with a pair of flat sandals or heels, so its a nice versatile item! I also really like the necklace, def a festival item!!!

I hope you enjoyed my wishlist, let me know what you think!



Monday, 4 June 2012

Style Icon: 4 - Ali Macgraw

Ali Macgraw was such a natural beauty, she was a big fashion and beauty icon in the 70s and you can see why! She had a natural, boho look. She was most famous for starring in 'Love story' and 'The getaway' but she was also featured heavily in fashion magazines at the time.

She was obviously very much for her time, with the flower power/ woodstock generation.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Primark Haul June 2012

Hi, I did this haul 2 weeks ago so technically it is a May haul but I have only just had time to post it so its now a June haul =]

I mainly bought Pjs for the summer evenings as it has been so hot recently, and a few pretty blouses and a dress! They had so much I had to force myself to put alot of it back, I was lucky enough to have the BF around to carry my huge bag for me hehe! I am going to show you the main bits I got, I also bought some plain underwear, plain tshirt bras and socks but they arent that exciting so I have missed them out! But incase you were wondering the underwear was £1 each, socks were £2.50 for a pack of 5, and the bra's were in a double set 2 for £8.00 and another 2 pack I got were 2 for £6.00. They were just simple white, black and nude colour bras.

So here is what I picked up:

Pink heart pattern dress - £13.00
This dress didn't come with a belt, I added that myself. It is such a pretty colour, like a milkshake pink. I have worn this now twice and it just makes me feel so girly. It is made with a light material so it feels really nice to wear when it is hot and even if it isnt hot you can just chuck a cardi or as I have been doing, a simple black blazer over the top.

Scalloped collar blouse - £8.00
I love this blouse, it is so cute, I wore this out last week for an afternoon lunch in the sun and its so light an airy and such a pretty colour! Can team this with denim shorts or jeans, it is sheer so don't forget if you don't already have any you will need a vest or cami to go underneath these sheer blouses.

Floral black and white blouse -£12.00
Again a very pretty blouse, they have alot of these types of sleeveless, sheer blouses in at the moment, I really likes this one and thought it stood out more. It was a bit more expensive that they usually are but totally worth it!

Mint green, faux-snakeskin bag - £6.00
I know this has been seen on alot of bloggers sites/youtube, but I absolutly adore it. Such a pretty colour and also there is quite a lot of room inside even though it looks like a small bag. I took this out with me last weekend when I went out for my birthday in Cardiff and it looked so nice with my cream dress and mint green shoes. It really is worth the £6.00 pricetag!

Band tee, Courtney Love/Hole pattern - £8.00
Some people love her and others hate her, I have been a fan of Hole's music since I was a teenager and so I obviously love this tshirt! If you don't already know Courtney Love is the lead singer of her band Hole and she was also married to Kurt Cobain (this is why some people hate her). I will be wearing this with denim shorts and my wellies at Reading festival this year! Also I think it is very fitting as the 90s and the grunge look is all very on trend right now!

Gold collar - £4.00
This is ok, I am going to look for a better one as it is a bit TOO large for my liking, but it looks ok on. I would reccomend looking for a different one to this unless you have a large neck!

Grey pleated jersey skirt - £12.00
This picture doesn't really give it justice, but when it is on it just hangs very beautifully. Its comfy to wear and is great for this time of year! I can imagine I will be able to dress this for the winter too so definatley worth getting!

Next are some Pj's and 2 bra's, I thought I would show you these ones just because they are quite pretty and very summery! Sorry again about the darkness of some of these pictures, it is the best I can do right now but at least you can kind of get the idea from these ones!-

Mint bra and yellow polka dot bra, both come as a set with the underwear included - £4.00 each
Pj shorties - £3.00 each -

Banana Pj bottoms (sorry they are a bit creased from the bag) -£5.00
White Pj bottoms (again creased from the bag) -£5.00

I am hopefully going to be doing another haul at the end of this month! I am moving house though so I might not be able to afford a shopping trip, I might pick up a few things though!

Thanks for reading!!! =]

xxoxoxo <3