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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Yon Ka

I have been on the look out for lovely new skincare and body treatments, as I said in a previous post I have one particular brand that I love and so I really wanted to try some new brands and see what else was on offer.

I was very lucky to have 2 samples sent to me by a lovely PR lady who has been very generous to me and let me try some new products.

First of all I would like to say that I am very impressed, these are very high standard, luxery items and smell absolutly gorgeous!

Yon Ka describes itself as a specialized brand at the forefront of phyto-aromatic treatments, with extensive knowledge in products and treatments, combining expertise, effectiveness and well-being. They have celebrity fans including - Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Madonna and Jennifer Garner!
Anything Angie uses to get her great skin is a winner for me straight away!

I was sent two items as I said, the Yon Ka Vital defense anti-age face cream and the Phyto bain bath oil. Both came in very generous bottles and you really don't need to use much so they will last a really long time.

The Yon Ka Vital defense anti-age face cream* -
This is absolutly gorgeous! The scent is very citrusy - I think it smells like lemon but I asked the BF to smell it and he thought it was tangerines, whichever one, it is lovely.
I have been using it since it arrived, day and night and so far I have felt my skin become tighter around the eyes, although I am in my 20s this is my main problem area that is not a big deal right now but thats the point of anti-age, to prevent anthing getting worse and I really can see this puffyness around my eyes getting worse with age, so this is the time to start using products like these.
It also makes my skin feel so silky and beautiful and it lasts all day. Yesterday I put some on under my make up before work (I let it sink in first), and a few hours later I felt my skin and it still felt lovely.

The Yon Ka phyto bain bath oil* -

I have used this bath oil twice since it came in the post on the weekend and straight away I could smell the strong aromatic scent coming from the bottle when I took it out of the box. It is very much a spa treatment item and you only need to use one capful to get a lovely relaxed bubble bath.
The instructions say that when used with other products from the range such as body creams etc you can get different effects from the oil. So for example if you have aching legs, using the bath oil and then the body cream straight after in a massaging way can help with that. There is a list of all the different things you can do.
I didnt do any of that I just had a bubble bath but I did rub the bubbles into my skin and it really made my skin so soft and silky and the aromatic oils made me feel very relaxed.
This is quite strong and I would say if you have sensitive skin to maybe try a smaller amount, my BF had a bath with the oil and he found that it was drying on his skin which was the opposite to me but it wasnt a problem as he just needed to put some body lotion on and he was fine. I personally did not get dry skin from the oil.

They are about to release a new range of skincare products so I am really looking forward to that if these two items are anything to go by!

xoxox <3

*Both items are PR samples sent to me.


  1. great reviews!:) i follow u:)

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