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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Glossybox May 2012 1st birthday edition

I got my very first Glossybox on Wednesday and it was their anniversary edition which was awesome for me as it was also my birthday so I share my birthday with Glossybox !!! They are celebrating their success with their very first birthday!
It so exciting getting a box and not knowing whats going to be inside, and its was packaged really well and looks so pretty. I still cannot find my charger for my decent camera ;( so I may have to buy a new one which sucks, so for now I am afraid I can only take photos with my phone so I tried my best to get the best pictues I could to show you all what I had.

Here is what I had inside my box!

Eldora false lashes
Perfume samples from Lolita Lempicka

Shower and bath gel by Noble Isle
Collection 2000 eyeliner gel in Gold

Neals yard rehydrating rose daily moisture cream
I have tried the moisture cream and it smells vey pretty, I don't think it really did much for my skin as it didn't really sink in very well on my particular skin and so it felt too oily for me but I will use it again when it gets colder and I am prone to get more dry skin on my face because I think it will benefit me more then.

I have also tried the shower gel which smells really really nice! I want to try it in the bath next to see what its like then but I was very happy with that.

I also tried the perfume samples, they both smell nice, the purple one is more a floral scent and the white one has a sweeter smell to it. The only thing I found was they wore off quite quickly when I wore them to work but because the scent is quite light it makes for nice perfume for the daytime so its just a case of re=spraying later in the afternoon.

I am already looking forward to the next box for June!

Thanks for reading!!!

xoxoxoxox <3


  1. Love this new things ! Especially the eyelashes ! Kiss x

  2. Glad you enjoyed your GB. I was very dissapointed with mine. I want to cancel but I kinda enjoy the fun of opening it each month too much haha. x

  3. Yeah I like the novelty of it - I wasnt too happy with the collection 2000 gel liner just cos it seems a bit crappy tbh but havent tried it yet, I was going to trial GB for a few months to see what I would get, it is fun though =] xxx

  4. amazing blog!keep posting!!! can we follow each other?

  5. The gold liner is really pretty! I still haven't jumped on these beauty box subscription things yet. I'm a bit reluctant to sign up because I'm afraid I won't end up using a lot of the things they send :)

  6. love your blog...maybe we can follow each other ????

  7. Lovely box! Lovely items!



    Style Route

  8. looks like you got really good stuff in your box!
    I Shop, Therefore I Am

  9. Your post is really good and i like the use of pictures xx how bout a follow back x

  10. You're lucky! I've never had such a great GlossyBox :( I quit it when they raised the price -_-

    Love, V (

  11. Aww well its only my first one, we shall see what happens, if they start sending rubbish stuff then I may quit too, I was happy with this one though =] xxxx

  12. awww what was the noble isle shower gel like? i like the bottle... im a sucker for packaging! ;P xxx

  13. Its really nice, I probably wouldnt go out and buy a big bottle of it, but it was nice to use and had a lovely scent =]


  14. lucckky i want a glossybox!


  15. OOO that looks great! I wish I had access to glossybox...or any box for that matter :)