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Monday, 23 April 2012

Photographs from my phone

Here is a few photos uploaded from my phone, my mums dog Louie! My cat Tommy looking super cute especially when he was rolled up in a ball sleeping, he looks like a fossil! My waving cat from China that my best friend brought me home in 2009, my lovely bf wearing a silly mask on his head, some worn eyelashes and one of my tattoos which I have on my leg =]


  1. aww cute cats! plus false eyelashes are the best!!!

  2. Yeah Tommy is the cutest cat ever! Hes so soft and loves cuddles! =]

  3. I love your tattoo! :O :O
    And your kitty cat is the cutest ^^

  4. Aww thanks hun!

    That tattoo hurt more than the big one on my arm! =] was worth it though!

    And I <3 my cat! =D

    xxxxx <3