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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mac Nicki Minaj Viva Glam Lipstick

I know loads of other people have blogged about this, but I want this lipstick so badly! The limited edition Nicki lipstick by Mac. It looks so pretty and I find it hard to find pink colours that suit me for some reason they always look a bit weird on me, and this one seems perfect!



  1. It is a pretty colour! Very buildable.. though you have to make sure your lips are flawless underneath.. it highlights any imperfections!


  2. Ahhh ok, I really like it! =] x

  3. Aww i want it too it looks so good lol
    i love your blog its great just my style
    im new to all this blogging but really enjoying it so far
    come take a look and maybe even a follow lol

    Much Love
    Emmylou x

  4. Hey, aww thats so nice of you to say. im quite new too I have been reading others for about a year and only just decided to make my own as I spend alot of my wages on clothes and make up etc so why not =] I will def check your blog hun, il follow you back! =] xx

  5. Ah, I really want this too, such a vibrant sexy colour.

    Great blog by the way, I'm now following :) xx