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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Asos wishlist April 2012

I have a few items that I have my eye on at the moment. Thought I would show you them all -

I will post in a seperate blog entry if/when I get my little paws on them! Let me know if you like them or have bought them already! I am not too sure on the mint clear lense glasses but they are such a lovely colour!

xoxoxox <3


  1. I adore that purse and those glasses :)
    fab taste!


  2. yeah the glasses are so pretty aren't they? Whether they are very wearable is another story =] but I will hopefully get them and check them out! <3 xx

  3. The maxi skirt looks fab, and I love the colour of the bag! x

  4. Yeah the colours out at the moment are so pretty and feminine! I love them! =] xx