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Monday, 16 April 2012

Art work I want on my wall

I recently came across some awesome artwork, I really want a few printed a framed for our new flat we are going to be moving into at the end of May. They are by an artist called Fabian Ciraolo and they are just so pretty and really cool too, using famous icons and re-working them into floral patterned graphics. Here are two of my favs:

I think they would look really pretty on a bedroom wall or even in the spare room which I will be using as a dressing room area!

Moving out time seems so far away at the moment!


  1. They would really look great on a wall! did you find them online? Because, I'm moving too (I live in Brazil, and I'm moving to the U.S) and I would looove to put some cool things on my new room wall!

  2. Yeah I saw them posted on tumblr originally then searched the artists name! I couldnt find any prints to buy so I might just cheekily print a few and get some nice frames for them! They are so pretty! You should totally do the same hun =D x

  3. These would look amazing on a wall! Like just aboved a dressing table! Might add them to my wall of inspiration :)

    xox Sophie-Mayanne

  4. Yeah they really would! There are loads of other designs too!!! =] x

  5. OMFG! This is BRILLIANT... WONDERZING I need this haha!

  6. Yeah they are so awesome!!! =D x

  7. wow these are amazing thanks sososo much for this post because now i shall go off and stalk them all haha
    (ps im pretty jealous of your tattoo in your picture)